There are a couple IMPORTANT things to know about the shopping cart on our website.  If you add an item to your cart, and you don’t see it right away, scroll up on the page to see the shopping cart.  The cart is a drop down menu and some pages are long enough that if you add an item to the cart toward the bottom of the page, you may not see that it has indeed been added to your cart.

If you accidentally added something to your cart that you didn’t mean to, or you added too many there is an easy solution.  From any page on our website, scroll up to the top and you will see the shopping cart drop down.  You may have to click it in order to cause it to drop down.  To the right of the item that you have is a quantity number.  If you highlight the number and type “0” it will remove the item from the cart.  If you need to change the qty, you can highlight it and just change the number of units you would like and everything will re compute.

Thanks, and if you have any questions, please email us at