Instrument Panel Labeling

Once your panel is designed, cut and powder coated, we have only one step left.  But, the labeling of your panel is extremely important to the final finish.  You have spent all this time making sure that your panel looks perfect, and it needs to be finished off with professional looking labeling.

There are a few different way of labeling your instrument panel.  The easiest way is to make labels and then stick them on.  A lot of people will then clear coat over the labels to help them blend in better.  This is not a method that we use at Aircraft Specialty.  It looks adequate, but doesn’t give that crisp finished look that we desire.

The method that we employ is much more time consuming, but will give you a great looking finish that is durable and long lasting.  

First we model the entire panel in CAD with the labeling so you can “see” the finished product.

Then, we offer one of two options.  One is a powdercoat finish with silkscreen labeling.  

The second is an anodized finish and a laser etched panel.

Powdercoated and labeled.JPG Panel Label 1.JPG
Panel Label 2.JPG