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At Aircraft Specialty, we are all homeuilders.  Our goal is to support fellow builders and pilots and make your building as fun as possible.  In that spirit, everything that we make is because of something that either we have identified as needing a CNC alternative, or an idea that another builder has come up with.  So, please help me support you.

Here’s how it works.  If you have a great idea for a product, please feel free to submit it through email at aircraftspecialty@gmail.com.  If it is something that we design and make, you will receive yours for free.  Once it is fully tested, we will offer them for sale to the rest of the homebuilt community to recoup our design costs.

We also are happy to make CNC parts of items that an aircraft manufacturer specs.  For instance, Vans has you build several brackets that have fairly tight tolerances.  They might be better served on a CNC machine.  If you feel that there are parts like this that would benefit builders, please let me know also.  Since these are not original builder ideas, I am unable to give away free products of these, as I anticipate a lot of submissions.  However, if there is enough interest in a particular  to part, I will be happy to do the work to build them to help everyone out.

We are always extremely busy.  I will respond in short order to any ideas, but the backlog to design a part may be awhile depending on how many other projects we are working on.  We will continuously and slowly add new parts and designs as we get them finished and fully tested.  And remember, we are always here to answer your questions.