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When we started Aircraft Specialty, we vowed to ALWAYS provide our customers with prompt and expeditious service.  As such, we are committed to building and processing orders as expeditiously as possible.

We are breaking our product line into three separate categories from a shipment standpoint.

1. In Stock Items:

We have a lot of products that we keep in stock at all times.  Examples of these are clecos, standard cooling louvers, drill bits, tools, etc.  These items will typically ship out the next business day after you place your order.  Shipment is either done via Priority mail, or USPS First Class mail, depending on shipment weight, and distance to travel.

2. Custom Products:

Examples of custom products are items such as Fuel Hose assemblies, Custom Engravings, Vinyl, Battery Cables, etc… Custom hose assemblies have a lead time of 3-4 business days for shipment.  The other items have a lead time of 5  business days prior to shipment.  We are often able to ship quicker.  However, this allows us to prioritize orders and provide immediate service to customers who have may have an AOG aircraft and need a fuel hose built and shipped immediately.

3. Kits:

Examples of kits are our fuel hose kits, thermostat kits, etc….  We used to keep these kits in stock, but as we keep adding more and more different kits with different options, it begins to utilize too many fittings.  Since we customize many of our packages to specific aircraft, we would need to keep hundreds of different assemblies in stock, which would tie up fittings that we utilize for custom products.  So, on kits, we are publishing lead times of 5-8 business days to shipment.  We try to ship quicker than that, and if you are in need of something ASAP, let us know so we can accommodate your request.