RV12iS Pre-Fabricated Rigid Tubes

AS Flightlines is working hard to make your build easier.  Building upon the success and positive feedback from our RV-14 Prefabricated Rigid tube assemblies, we have been working with some of the first customers to receive Engine/Fuel pump kits to verify and perfect the installation of these tubes.  

Based on customer feedback, the most difficult lines to fabricate in the RV12iS are the small tubes in the back section of the aircraft that connect all the pump/filter assemblies together.

As a result of that feedback, we are offering CNC bent and pre flared rigid tube assemblies for the F12127E, F12127F, F12127G, F12127H, F12127J, and F12127K made out of 5052 Tubing.

In addition, for those customers who have NOT yet completed SECTION 21- Mid-Fuse Ribs and Bottom Skins, we also have available the F12127B and F12127C tubes.  These tubes need to be slid into place and flared prior to riveting on the Bottom  Aircraft Skin.  The lines will be pre bent but will require customer to flare them in place due to having to slide through a grommet prior to flaring.

Finally, for those building EAB, we offer the AFT HALF of the F12127D tube assembly.  The aft portion is the difficult to build portion with all the bends.  We connect it to an included bulkhead pass through fitting and then the builder need only fabricate the straight rigid tube portion forward of the bulkhead.  This tube can only be installed on an EAB aircraft during the initial build, or retrofit to a 12iS ELSA AFTER Airworthiness is received.

These assemblies were electronically assembled in CAD, then built on our CNC bender and verified with a CMM machine.  Once that process was complete, we sent them out to our test customers to verify fit in the actual aircraft.

For those builders who do not enjoy the process of fabricating rigid tubes, you now have the option of saving a lot of time and frustration by having the most difficult ones built for you.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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