RV-14/14A Wing Vent Rigid Tube and
Firewall Forward Sniffle Lines
AS Flightlines is introducing another CNC Bent Rigid Tube option for the RV14/14A Aircraft.
1. First we have the Wing Vent Line kit.  This Kit includes two cnc pre bent wing vent lines which are already pre cut to the proper dimensions so that all is left to do to finish is to cut the 45 degree angle into them and install.  In order to make this kit as cost effective as possible, we install a -4 sleeve and pre flare the end that attaches to your fuel tank.  You then utilize the AN -4 nut that already comes in your kit.  

We also offer the Wing Vent Line kit in a configuration to match up with the JD Air aftermarket fuel Vent Fairings.  If you choose to utilize this, we will pre flare and install AN nuts on both ends of your wing vent lines.  The JD Air wing vent line kit is built to a different length than the stock kit, so please check to make sure you order for the configuration you have.
2. The second kit that we offer is the Sniffle line rigid tubes for the RV14 and RV14A.  We CNC bend the aluminum tubing and then utilize a beading tool to put Milspec beads into the tubing.
This kit includes the Sniffle Line and the Sniffle Extension line for the RV14A and the Sniffle Line for the RV-14.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have an EXP119 engine and your sniffle tubes were shipped prior to 3-1-21 please contact us for a replacement sniffle tube.  The EXP119 engine utilizes a different sniffle tube than the stock engine.  

RV-14/14A Wing Vent and Sniffle Line Rigid Tube Kits

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