RV-4, RV-6/Rv-6A, RV-7/RV-7A, RV-8/RV-8A,
RV-9/RV-9A Gear Leg Hoses
Aircraft Specialty Flightlines now offers Teflon flex gear leg hoses for the RV-4, RV-6, RV-7, RV-8, and RV-9 series of Aircraft.
In addition to greatly increased durability and strength, these hoses are lightweight, flexible and carry our industry exclusive 10 year warranty.
These hoses come in two versions.  We offer them in plain braided stainless or a in a clear abrasion resistant coating.  
The packages are different lengths and configurations for each aircraft, so please make sure that when ordering you are selecting the correct variant.  The most popular option is the clear abrasion resistant coating.  If you order the plain braid hose, please take extra precaution to ensure that the hose is not rubbing on the gear leg.
These packages include the following: (FOR THE RV4, 6, and 8, please email or call prior to ordering.
1. Set of two gear leg hoses.  (Left and Right)

RV4, RV6, RV7, RV8, and RV9 Gear Leg Hoses

RV-4 Gear Hoses must be built to custom dimension
Other gear leg hoses are standard stock lengths.
Please contact us if you have an RV-4 prior to

Lifetime Warranty