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At Aircraft Specialty, we are always working on something new and exciting.  Some of the projects we can tell people about, whereas others are top secret.  Just because you haven’t seen any updated products in awhile doesn’t mean that we don’t have something going on.  It probably just means that its a pretty big item and requires a lot of R&D and testing before we are able to release it to market.

As is always the case, we welcome ideas from builders and owners for products that you think would be great.  Typically, if it is an idea that we think we will be able to market after its development, I will be happy to work on the concept with you for free.  I will also deliver the final product to you for free with the understanding that I can then go and sell the product to others to help recoup all the time invested in it. Depending on the complexity of the project, there can be a several month backlog.

We developed this concept, because in the course of building several aircraft, there were many times when I could have used a custom CNC machined part, but didn’t have access to the equipment.  As builders, part of the fun is designing and coming up with new concepts.  I think that there are a lot of great ideas out there, but some of them fall to the wayside due to lack of equipment to make them. I want to help encourage people to come forward and work on ideas with me to help benefit the entire community.    All I ask is that during the course of the R&D, you keep the information on the product relatively secret.  You don’t have to confiscate every camera that comes into your workshop, but please don’t post pictures on the internet.  One thing that I have always pledged is to make sure a product is fully tested before it goes to market, and I want to make sure that we are well into that process before offering any sneak peaks to others.

Right now, we have a few new projects that we are working on.  Some of the ones we can talk about are: