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Tungsten bucking bars are absolutely one of the best investments you can make if you
Are building an airplane or do a lot of riveting.  Tungsten bars are approximately twice
The density of steel of the same size.  This allows you to create a smaller bar that fits in
More places, yet has the mass required to give excellent quality rivets.  In addition, there
Is a lot less vibration than a comparable steel bar, which leads to reduced operator fatigue,
And less chance of injury.

We currently sell two different bars.  In our RV-10, we found that these two bars allowed
us access to 99% of the rivets that we had to do.   

Best off, our Tungsten Bucking Bars are MANUFACTURED IN THE USA.
1” X 4” X 5/8”
with one angled
ONLY $144.95
1” X 1” X 2.25”
with one angled
ONLY $129.95

PRICE OF $264.95

Order now while
Supplies last