ASFLIGHTLINES has worked with several beta testers to develop an extremely comprehensive firewall aft kit for those looking to utilize a duplex SDS fuel injection setup in their RV14/14A.
For those looking to install the SDS automotive fuel injection in their RV14/14A aircraft there are a multitude of small issues that need to be overcome.  This kit addresses all of those issues.  If you are planning on utilizing the EFII system, you will have to modify this kit slightly in order to make it fit.  Please see the install guide for more info.  Please also note that if using EFII, you will need to order custom length FWF hoses as a drop in kit is not available.
This kit includes the following items:
1. 4 CNC bent rigid tubes to go from the Andair Duplex Fuel Selector out to the wing roots.
2. Cabin Flex hoses from the valve to the pump assemblies as well as to the firewall
3. CNC machined Clips for mounting the new tubes to your spar\
4. New Duplex Valve mount plate, Doubler, and new CNC machined center tunnel cover to accommodate this setup. (See install manual for valve that needs to be ordered)
5. CNC machined angles for mounting your pump setup
6. Complete Wing root plumbing for a wing root mounted filter in EACH wing as well as a shutoff valve for servicing.
7. Miscellaneous hardware to install everything.
8. Optional trim ring for those utilizing the Aero Classic Interior carpeting kit.  The new trim ring is designed to fit the Andair Duplex valve.

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