Instrument Panel Labeling

Once your panel is designed, cut and powder coated/anodized we have only one step left.  The labeling of your panel is extremely important to the final finish.  You have spent all this time making sure that your panel looks perfect, and it needs to be finished off with professional looking labeling.

There are a few different ways that have been traditionally employed to label instrument panels.  The easiest way is to make labels and then stick them on.  A lot of people will then clear coat over the labels to help them blend in better.  

This is NOT a method that we use at Aircraft Specialty Flightlines

We will model your entire labels in CAD so you can “see” what the finished product will look like.  Then begins a process of modifying until they are EXACTLY how you would like them.  For very complex panels, or if you want to install the instruments and visually “see” how the labels will look, we offer an OPTIONAL .010 plastic laser etched overlay that you can utilize to verify that everything looks exactly as you would like.

Finally, we utilize a screen print which is the most durable option for a lasting finish on your panel.  Though this method is more labor intensive than digital printing, it gives the best performance, adhesion, and LONG TERM durability.