Custom Panel Overlays

At Aircraft Specialty, we recognize that many aircraft owners want a “facelift” for their panel without the time and expense of completely redoing their panel.  

We have the capability of precision cutting custom overlays for your instrument panel.

These overlays can be as simple as a facelift for your switch labeling, or as complicated as a complete overlay for your entire panel.  

We currently work with Powder coated Metal, Engraving Plastics, and carbon fiber to create unique overlays and accents that will really customize your aircraft.

In addition, we can provide labeling services for these overlays, which is the perfect solution for those who need an overlay for redesigning switch locations.

Regardless of what you are interested in doing, please feel free to contact us, as we want to earn your business.


Panel overlay pricing varies. depending on what you are looking to do.

Please contact us at for a quote.