RV-10 Cabin and Gear Brake Lines
RV-10 Cabin Brake Line Kit

The AS Flightlines Cabin/Gear Brake hose kit is designed to make it easier to build your entire brake package for your RV-10.
In an effort to simplify website ordering, we have taken the most popular configurations and bundled them together.
We also now offer Optional Blue, Red and Black hoses in addition to our standard clear for the ultimate in customization.  If you would like custom hose assemblies built for a different configuration, please use our custom hose ordering page.
Kit #1 - Standard RV-10 BRAKE HOSE KIT
This kit includes the following items.
This kit supports either the stock calipers, or the Matco XLT upgrades that many builders are doing.  In addition, this kit includes all the AN fittings required for the installation.  
Kit #2 - Standard RV-10 BRAKE HOSE KIT PB SETUP
The same as the kit above, but configured with the appropriate fittings for a Parking Brake Valve.  
NOTE: If you select the parking brake option, you will need to purchase separately the Matco PVPV-D valve as well as cables/mounting hardware to install it.

BERINGER KIT OPTIONS: If you would like to install a BERINGER brake system in your RV10, we are able to provide you with one stop ordering.  Our Complete kit is Available for Standard Pedals or Control Approach pedals (contact us prior to ordering if you are using Control Approach), and can be configured with optional Parking Brake/Anti Skid valves.  

Kits 5-10 Include ALL Beringer components, ALL ASF Brake Hose Kits from the firewall through to the gear legs , Optional PB bracket (if applicable), parking brake cables, mounting kit, and CNC Machined Wheel Pant Extenders.

In addition, the SENSAIR system is OPTIONAL with all Beringer Packages.

Kit #5 - Beringer Kit Without PB or Anti Skid

Kit #6- Beringer Kit With PB no Anti Skid.  “BRAKE KIT 6 INSTALLATION VIDEO.  CLICK HERE”

Kit #7 Beringer Kit with PB and Anti Skid

LEAD TIME ON BERINGER PACKAGES IS UP TO 6 MONTHS. - Contact us prior to ordering for current lead times.  We will send you all the hose kits in 4-5 weeks and the Beringer Wheels/Brakes/Master Cylinders/Valves will ship within 6 months of order placement.  We can coordinate to ship you master cylinders/Pb/Anti Skid valves early if you contact us after order placement if you need them to work on your cabin plumbing while awaiting shipment of the wheels/brakes.