RV-12 Teflon Brake Hoses
We have developed complete RV-12 brake hoses packages that are easy to retrofit to an existing aircraft, or to install during the build for E-AB builders.
In addition to greatly increased durability and strength, these hoses are lightweight, flexible and carry our exclusive “Lifetime” Warranty.
We offer them standard in a clear abrasion resistant coating for the RV12/12is with the old style std gear.  We also offer them for the new Gundrilled Gear that utilizes an internal system and only requires a short hose/tube at the caliper.  This kit also includes an AN fitting set for the caliper for nicer routing.  This is setup for the MATCO CALIPER ONLY.
For the ultimate customization, hoses are now also available in optional Red, Blue or Black coatings.
We offer several different versions of this package:

Gear Hoses/Gundrilled Gear Hoses Only (Works with wheel pants and optional gear leg fairings)

Crossover Hose kit (Includes all fittings and hoses for cabin brake hoses that attach to rudder pedals.)  This kit can be built for use with or without

Gundrilled Gear?

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