Wing Root Filter Kit
AS Flightlines has introduced a new Wing Root mounted filter setup for the RV14 and RV14A. This setup modifies the center tunnel fuel pump and filter setup and gives you all the required components to completely plumb your fuel system firewall aft.

This kit includes the following:
1. Rigid tubes from the Andair Type 2 (Std Valve included in kit) or Andair type 7 (Less Common) valve to the fuselage exit point.
2. Flex hose assembly from the Andair valve to the fuel pump
3. Flex hose assembly from the Fuel pump to the firewall.
4. Wing root mounted Filter setup including a high quality Holley serviceable filter and a shutoff valve in each wing root for filter servicing.
5. All necessary hardware to complete installation.

Lifetime Warranty


1. FUEL-FX375-MK Fuel Filter Andair

This kit can be ordered one of two ways.  If you have already ordered your Cabin fuel setup from us for either the Type 2 or Type 7 valve, you can order the “WING ROOT FILTER ADDITION KIT”

If you have not ordered your cabin fuel lines yet, you can order the “COMPLETE FIREWALL AFT FUEL SYSTEM” for the Type 2 or Type 7 Valve.

Please note, that if you are doing the SDS automotive injection kit, wing root mounted filters are standard.

One final note…if utilizing the wing root mounted filter kit, you will NOT need to purchase the Fuselage to wing root rigid tubes.  If you already have purchased those, and want to upgrade, please contact us for credit on those tubes.