RV-6/6A, 7/7A, 9/9A
Cabin Brake Line Kit
The AS Flightlines Cabin/Gear Brake hose kit is designed to make it easier to build your entire brake package for your RV.
We know that every builder is different in the amount of rigid versus flex line that they would like to run in their aircraft, so we break (pun intended) this kit up with several different options.
1. Kit #1 - Crossover Hose Kit - This kit includes 2 pressure hoses, 2 reservoir hoses, and 2 crossover hoses.  All 6 hoses have clear coat abrasion protection on them.  If you choose the PB option, we include an additional 2 hoses with this kit that plumb from the PB valve to the firewall bracket.  You will still need to order the Matco PB valve and actuator Cable.   This kit includes all AN fittings for your Master Cylinders and Reservoir.
2. Kit #2 – Firewall to Cabin Exit Brake Lines.  - This kit includes the two hoses to go from either your firewall fittings or your Parking Brake through the center tunnel and down to your gear leg cabin exit point.  They replace the long rigid tubes that you are supposed to fabricate for the center tunnel. These hoses are all covered in abrasion resistant coating. If you are utilizing the PB setup, please make sure to select that option here too, so that we include the additional AN fittings required for the Matco PB valve.

The picture shown is not representative of all kits, but shows a typical RV cabin crossover package.  Please ensure you are selecting the correct package for your aircraft type.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
RV-6,7, 9 Cabin Brake Line Kit

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