U-1024 Nose Wheel Spacer

Aircraft Specialty Flightlines would like to introduce our U-1024 Nose Wheel Spacer.  

This spacer is a part specified by Vans in the RV-10 and RV-14 instruction manual.  We CNC machine this part to the specifications set by Vans to give you a perfectly dimensionally accurate part to hold on your nosegear wheel pants.

You are probably getting toward the end of your project if you are looking at this part.  Go ahead and spend a few hours finishing up some other items on your aircraft and let us make this part for you.  

After we CNC machine this part, we also deburr all edges so it is ready to bolt right onto your aircraft.

RV-10 Page location 48-17 Rev 1

RV-14 Page location  46A-09 Rev 0



Set of 2 - $49.95