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Aircraft Specialty Flightlines builds hose assemblies that serve as a replacement for standard Rotax OEM hoses.  Our assemblies are all conductive teflon and fabricated with 100% stainless steel fittings/collars that are specifically designed for Teflon.  

These integral firesleeve assemblies provide you with the highest quality hose possible at a fantastic price point compared to the OE parts.   All our assemblies come with a 10 year warranty and there is no mandatory replacement interval, although engine overhaul is a good time to zero time all hose assemblies.

If you are looking for a ROTAX 874-911, ROTAX 874-337, or ROTAX 874-347 hose replacement you have come to the right place.

If you need a custom Rotax Oil line we now support tanks with metric ball fittings, Oil Sump Return line banjos, and turbo return lines.  

ASF 874-911


Replaces Rotax

874-911 Carb Lines

ASF 874-337


Replaces Rotax


ASF 874-347


Replaces Rotax